The DIVA accompanist.

Dracula's Lesson

Dealing with a millenial...

Live photo from "This is Not a Toy." The DIVA accompanist.

Myself, Dr. Alicia Valoti, and Willy Martinez in Saarburg!

Rumple in Alabama.

Beaver Island with Holland.

Reger Trio Liquid Courage

Posing in front of New World

Rehearsal with Christine Goerke

Rehearsing with Christine Goerke

New World Center

Gerber "Elegy" @ The Betsy South Beach

Wagner Cycle @ New World Center


Still from La Boheme

Siegfried, Siegfried! #TeamGoerke

"O Mio Babbino Caro" on the news

Brunhilde's Immolation

Walkurie's Preparing for Wotan

Ally Goodman Viola Sectional

Disney's Encore!


Beaver Island

Axis of Viola:Varina Oyola Rebaza, Chris Rutledge, Me

MM Recital



Taken after my final M.M. recital & performance of "Legend for Viola, Piano, and Glass." With David M. Fisher

CMU Grad Quartet Recital

District 221 Fun with pianist Miguel Sousa

Headshot (again)

CMU Recital in the middle of Stravinksy Elegie.

CMU Grad Quartet Recital

At the piano.

Great album!